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Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets (read more about Twitter at its official website). Gavekal provides tweets of its recently published research, found at the following link:

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RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, provides you with a new way of receiving and filtering Gavekal and China Service documents (read more about RSS at Wikipedia). You can choose an RSS feed containing a summary and link to all of Gavekal's recently published research. Or you can choose one of the other following RSS feeds that filter out Global Service and China Service reports by type, topic, or region.

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Global Service Anatole Kaletsky RSS Feeds Anatole Kaletsky
Global Service Arthur Kroeber RSS Feeds Arthur Kroeber
Global Service Charles Gave RSS Feeds Charles Gave
Global Service Louis-Vincent Gave RSS Feeds Louis-Vincent Gave
Global Service Pierre Gave RSS Feeds Pierre Gave
Global Service Andrew Batson RSS Feeds Andrew Batson
Global Service Baojia Tan RSS Feeds Baojia Tan
Global Service Cedric Gemehl RSS Feeds Cedric Gemehl
Global Service Chao Gupiao RSS Feeds Chao Gupiao
Global Service China Team RSS Feeds China Team
Global Service Dan Wang RSS Feeds Dan Wang
Global Service Eric Bush RSS Feeds Eric Bush
Global Service Ernan Cui RSS Feeds Ernan Cui
Global Service Fathom China Team RSS Feeds Fathom China Team
Global Service Guest   RSS Feeds Guest
Global Service Jean-Jacques Netter RSS Feeds Jean-Jacques Netter
Global Service Jean-Yves Dumont RSS Feeds Jean-Yves Dumont
Global Service Jennifer Thomson RSS Feeds Jennifer Thomson
Global Service Joyce Poon RSS Feeds Joyce Poon
Global Service Lance Noble RSS Feeds Lance Noble
Global Service Long Chen RSS Feeds Long Chen
Global Service Matthew Forney RSS Feeds Matthew Forney
Global Service Michael Komesaroff RSS Feeds Michael Komesaroff
Global Service Nick Andrews RSS Feeds Nick Andrews
Global Service Research Team RSS Feeds Research Team
Global Service Rosealea Yao RSS Feeds Rosealea Yao
Global Service Scott Kennedy RSS Feeds Scott Kennedy
Global Service Simon Pritchard RSS Feeds Simon Pritchard
Global Service Steve Vannelli RSS Feeds Steve Vannelli
Global Service Tan Kai Xian RSS Feeds Tan Kai Xian
Global Service Thomas Gatley RSS Feeds Thomas Gatley
Global Service Tom Holland RSS Feeds Tom Holland
Global Service Tom Miller RSS Feeds Tom Miller
Global Service Udith Sikand RSS Feeds Udith Sikand
Global Service Will Denyer RSS Feeds Will Denyer
Global Service Yanmei Xie RSS Feeds Yanmei Xie
Global Service Americas RSS Feeds Americas
Global Service United States RSS Feeds United States
Global Service Canada RSS Feeds Canada
Global Service Brazil RSS Feeds Brazil
Global Service Other Latin America RSS Feeds Other Latin America
Global Service China RSS Feeds China
Global Service China RSS Feeds China
Global Service Taiwan RSS Feeds Taiwan
Global Service Macao RSS Feeds Macao
Global Service Hong Kong RSS Feeds Hong Kong
Global Service Europe RSS Feeds Europe
Global Service United Kingdom RSS Feeds United Kingdom
Global Service Germany RSS Feeds Germany
Global Service France RSS Feeds France
Global Service Italy RSS Feeds Italy
Global Service Spain RSS Feeds Spain
Global Service Scandinavia RSS Feeds Scandinavia
Global Service Switzerland RSS Feeds Switzerland
Global Service Eastern Europe RSS Feeds Eastern Europe
Global Service Russia RSS Feeds Russia
Global Service Asia RSS Feeds Asia
Global Service Japan RSS Feeds Japan
Global Service Australia RSS Feeds Australia
Global Service India RSS Feeds India
Global Service Korea RSS Feeds Korea
Global Service Southeast Asia RSS Feeds Southeast Asia
Global Service Current Reports RSS Feeds Current Reports
Global Service Real Estate RSS Feeds Real Estate
Global Service Fixed Income RSS Feeds Fixed Income
Global Service Currencies RSS Feeds Currencies
Global Service Equities RSS Feeds Equities
Global Service Commodities and Energy RSS Feeds Commodities and Energy
China Service Current Reports RSS Feeds Current Reports
China Service Real Estate RSS Feeds Real Estate
China Service Fixed Income RSS Feeds Fixed Income
China Service Currencies RSS Feeds Currencies
China Service Equities RSS Feeds Equities
China Service Commodities and Energy RSS Feeds Commodities and Energy

If you are having trouble with any of our feeds, please contact us at support@gavekal.com.