Gavekal is a financial services company, headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in Beijing, Denver and Bellevue. The firm is organized along three different business lines: Research, Money Management and Software Solutions.

Independent Research
Gavekal Research: Global-macro research product

Gavekal Research is our global-macro research product. We focus on delivering original and actionable ideas based on our analysis of global economic trends and their interaction with financial markets.

Gavekal Dragonomics: Research on the big economic and financial questions impacting China

Gavekal Dragonomics publishes research on the big economic and financial questions impacting China. We focus heavily on the impact that China has on global markets. Clients include both institutional investors and multi-national companies for whom China is an important market.

Gavekal Japan Alpha: A newsletter that focuses on the most interesting themes within the Japanese equity market

Gavekal Japan Alpha is a newsletter that focuses on the most interesting themes within the Japanese equity market. We generate ideas by combining macro themes, fundamental screening and technical analysis. Our pieces include both single company notes in addition to thematic pieces that focus on big new technological and organizational trends.

Gavekal Books

On any given year, at least one Gavekal partner or employee will write a book. These are sometimes published externally, sometimes published in-house. Best-selling Gavekal books have included Capitalism 4.0, Too Different For Comfort, Des Lions Menes par des Anes and China's Urban Billion.

Money Management

With offices in Hong-Kong, Denver and Bellevue, Gavekal teams manage assets across a broad range of strategies. Specifically:

Gavekal UCITS Funds: Institutional and private money management

Gavekal advises on five strategies which together combine for some US$920m in AUM*. These strategies are:

  • The Gavekal Asian Opportunities UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal Asian Value Fund
  • The Gavekal China Fixed Income UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal Knowledge Leaders Fund
  • The Gavekal Global Asset Allocation UCITS Fund

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Gavekal Managed Accounts: Institutional and private money management

Gavekal directly manages around US$500m* in managed accounts for large institutional investors and family offices wishing to reproduce some of the above UCITS strategies, but perhaps add constraints of their own (SRI, liquidity, security rating etc...).

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Gavekal US Mutual Funds: Institutional and private money management

Gavekal currently manages two US mutual funds, representing circa US$200m in AUM*. There are:

Evergreen Gavekal

Evergreen Gavekal, the private client arm of Gavekal, currently manages around US$1.5bn* for US private clients, out of the Bellevue, WA office.

Software Solutions

At Gavekal, we believe in being as 'open source' as possible with our clients. This means that we do not only want to share our investment conclusions with clients, but also our process and our data. For this reasons, we have, over the years, invested in a number of software companies that make our jobs of sharing with clients easier. These companies are:


Macrobond provides data charting and analytical tools crucial to any economist, strategist, analyst, portfolio manager, investor or decision maker. All the Gavekal charts and models are built on the Macrobond platform and Gavekal was a seed investor, and remains the single largest shareholder, in the company. For more information, click here or ask your Gavekal sales rep.

Gavekal TrackRisk: Proprietary evolutionary algorithm which allows a fast exploration of a portfolio's optimization universe

Gavekal TrackRisk is a proprietary evolutionary algorithm which allows a fast exploration of a portfolio's optimization universe. The optimization process is based on a utility function describing the totality of the investment constraints (maximum risk, diversification, transaction cost, etc...). The TrackRisk Optimizer proposes the optimal allocation according to any given constraints, or macro-economic scenarios.


WeConvene is a global corporate access community which maximises the value of corporate access events for both the sell-side and the buy-side. WeConvene irons out the inefficiencies surrounding arrangements of corporate access and changes the way these most valuable interactions are set up, managed, executed and tracked.