Gavekal is a financial services company, headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in Beijing, Luxembourg, Denver and Bellevue. The firm is 100% owned by eight working partners. Gavekal offers independent research, money management solutions, asset allocation advice and data services to institutional investors, corporations and high-net worth individuals in more than 32 countries.

Gavekal businesses managed directly by Gavekal partners.
Gavekal Dragonomics: Research, analysis and opinion on global macroeconomic and market trends

Gavekal Dragonomics offers institutional investors and corporate clients two distinct research services: a Global Service and a China Service. Both services focus on delivering original and actionable ideas on the global/Chinese economy, financial markets and the interactions between the two. We generate our insights by encouraging creative people to work in individualistic ways, and by using an eclectic range of analytical techniques. Vigorous debate and disagreement are central to our thinking process, as is intensive conversation with our clients. Click here for a free trial to either the Global Service or the China Service.

Gavekal Capital: Institutional and private money management

Gavekal advises on five strategies which together combine for some US$920m in AUM*. These strategies are:

  • The Gavekal Knowledge Leaders Fund
  • The Gavekal Asian Opportunities UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal Asian Value Fund
  • The Gavekal China Fixed Income UCITS Fund
  • The Gavekal Global Asset Allocation UCITS Fund

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Gavekal Asset Allocation

Gavekal Asset Allocation is the consultancy arm of Gavekal, geared to advising large institutions and sovereign wealth funds on their dynamic asset-allocation quandaries.

Gavekal Books

On any given year, at least one Gavekal partner or employee will write a book. These are sometimes published externally, sometimes published in-house. Best-selling Gavekal books have included Capitalism 4.0, Too Different For Comfort, Des Lions Menes par des Anes and China's Urban Billion.

Businesses in which Gavekal owns a stake but that are not managed by a Gavekal partner.

Macrobond provides data charting and analytical tools crucial to any economist, strategist, analyst, portfolio manager, investor or decision maker. All the Gavekal charts and models are built on the Macrobond platform and Gavekal was a seed investor, and remains the single largest shareholder, in the company. For more information, click here or ask your Gavekal sales rep.


Evergreen-Gavekal is the US private wealth management arm of Gavekal. The company has offices in Bellevue, WA and Portland, OR and manages over US$1.4bn in fixed income and equity mandates for American high-net worth individuals. The firm also manages the Gavekal-Evergreen Asian Opportunities mutual fund. All profits that Gavekal makes from its investment in Evergreen–Gavekal are distributed to the Gavekal Endowment (click here for more info). For more information on the investment solutions offered by Evergreen-Gavekal, please click here.


Gavekal has been at the forefront of studying the impact of the growth of automation and robotics on our economies. In 2013, Gavekal teamed up with friends in Dallas to create the first benchmark index to track the global robotics and automation market. Through the expertise of its leadership team and strategic advisors, ROBO-STOX looks worldwide to find new innovations in the robotics space, to deliver the growth of robotics to investors—from individuals to institutions. All profits that Gavekal makes from its ownership in ROBO-STOX are distributed to the Gavekal Endowment (click here for more info). For more information, please click here.